Eighty-Two Years Young!

Pap Pap on his Doodle Bug.  We bought him a helmet and he promises he'll wear it.

Pap Pap on his Doodle Bug. We bought him a helmet and he promises he'll wear it.

Visited my husband’s father in Sacramento last weekend. Pap Pap, as he is known, is the original “Energizer Bunny” – he just doesn’t stop.   At an age when most would give up taking care of his several acre yard, Pap Pap is fastidious about all of it . . . his lawn, flower beds, vegetable garden and even the gravel in his driveway. It’s a beautiful place and the many birds that frequent his yard agree.

In his “spare” time, my father-in-law also maintains several vehicles. Besides his lawn tractor, he owns a Corolla, a pristine World War II jeep, and a “Doodle Bug” mini motorcycle.  The trusty Corolla is the usual around-town transportation, the jeep is great for a summer drive or the next Veteran’s Day parade, and the “Doodle Bug” (my favorite) is used for the half mile trip Pap Pap makes everyday to get his mail. He must give the neighbors a chuckle as he tears down the road on his daily mail run. To keep up his “rascal” image, Pap Pap is on the lookout for a pink, flowery basket to replace the cardboard box currently on the front.

Verbena's grandfather Bill and great grandfather Pap Pap. Notice the resemblance?

Grandfather Bill and great grandfather Pap Pap.

If you’re ever in the Sacramento area and you spy a feisty old geezer driving a grey Corolla, a World War II jeep, or a red and black Doodle Bug, all bearing US Marine Corps emblems, give the guy a wave. You’ve just encountered one of the hardest-working and most devoted family men in the country.

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  1. Rosie

    That was wonderful, Susie! I called Tweet yesterday and he told me about the blog. He is an amazing man, a hard worker, loves his family and has the greatest sense of humor! It’s no wonder that he has always been my favorite uncle!!!

  2. Jenn

    I love your kind words Aunty. I had such a good time with you all last weekend. I cant wait to see you all again!! Xo

  3. Bean's Momma

    That is quite the bike for an “old geezer”! Bean’s Dada is VERY jealous… and secretly, Bean’s Momma wants to ride it too. Sounds like Papap keeps very busy down in Cali. and is having a great time with his toys. So glad to hear you had a wonderful trip!!!

  4. Rosie

    way to go tweet at least it isnt a ford

  5. jim

    it was me and not rosie that congratulated tweet on not buying or driving fords a doodle bug is is a big improvement i will let him park his doodle bug in my driveway—– jimmy

  6. Emily

    love it! you go papap!

  7. abrent

    That is one sweet ride! Next time you need to upload videos of ‘dirty bill’ riding the doodle bug!

  8. emilee

    what a great post! made me laugh out loud at my desk! of course, you do realize Biz is more serious than you think ;) it’s only a matter of time before the Brent clan is forming a doodle bug club!

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