Thanksgiving Prep – Dixon Style, Day #1

Make a menu.

Menu planning.

Bentley visits the groomer.

Bentley visits the groomer.

Hit the grocery store!

Hitting the grocery store!

Shopping complete!

Shopping complete!

Retrieving our Camry from the Toyota mechanics.

Retrieving our Camry from the mechanics. Bill broke down right in front of the dealership while I was out of town.

Bentley is all set for the holiday :)

Bentley is ready for some turkey!

A brandy and egg nog toast to a productive first day of Thanksgiving preparations!

Toasting day's end and preparation progress with brandy and egg nog!

I’ve been out of town for almost a month. Woke up this morning freaked that I couldn’t make Thanksgiving happen for my family by Thursday. Decided to invite my old friend “Humor” to help with preparations. Met the nicest people today.  As we attempted to take our own picture in front of the grocery store, a helpful lady offered to do it for us.  WinCo was super busy! It cracks me up that you can’t see a car or another patron in that picture. Relying on “Humor” to get us through day two, as well.

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2 Responses to “Thanksgiving Prep – Dixon Style, Day #1”

  1. biz

    The prep was all worth it! A fantastic meal and memories shared.

    …look closer in the Winco picture, someone is giving you the peace sign!

  2. sue

    I just saw that nice guy. Dad says he saw it right away. How fun!

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