Lulu and some of her faces.

Lulu and some of her faces.

Our newest granddaughter, Luella Jane, arrived at 7:14 PM on January 5th, six days later than her December 30th due date. Lulu was a solid 8.1 pounds (exactly what her mom weighed at birth) and 21 inches long. Papa and I heard her first cry and her parents’ overwhelming joy at finally seeing the daughter they had been waiting for. Mommy and daddy chose the beautiful names, Luella Jane, because beautiful women in daddy’s family also had those names. However, until she can decide for herself what she wants to be called, they are calling her Lulu.

Lulu is the perfect nickname for her. At three weeks, her expressions already seem filled with mischief. Lulu faces are captured primarily by her daddy, a photographer, and even though she can’t see very clearly at this age, she appears to know that the big dark blob and it’s occasional “flash” mean at least one of her parents are near and she’s okay with it.

Holding new life is holding a miracle, and I’ve been privileged to hold two miracles since the end of December. While in my arms, I explored every crease, curve, and crevice of their faces, and I watched their every move and reaction. What was I looking for? I was searching for a glimpse of the people they will become, hints of their future selves, whom I am eager to know. However, just like everyone else, I’ll have to wait for that.

All three grandchildren will come to Nana and Papa’s the middle of February – a friend of mine refers to this phenomenon as “grandma heaven.” I love the phrase! It will be our first time hosting three grandchildren and their mommies and daddies. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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  1. sarah

    Aww love those adorable faces! Love hearing this through grandma’s perspective too :) what a sweet family you all have!

  2. papa


  3. biz

    Very excited to all be together!!!! Lulu is darling in photos, we can’t wait to meet her!

  4. Stefanie

    susie – i was given a golden ticket and directed to go through the open door…and now i get to enjoy your writing…mazel tov on those beautiful girls of yours…and the beautiful beings they in turn have created…may the circle be unbroken…blessed be, grandma susie…source of all goodness and light…xx

  5. Jade

    I can’t wait to meet her and get to know her. Thanks for all your great posts Sue! And enjoy granma heaven :)

  6. sue

    Stefanie- You are hilarious! No golden ticket needed to read this blog, just a warm body, eyesight, and a kind spirit. I love my readers!

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