Running on Empty

Loved this project I saw on HGTVs Norvagst Family show.

Loved this on HGTV's Home by Novogratz.

I’m sick.  My eyes are leaking. My nose looks like a cherry tomato, and fluctuates from being completely stuffed to a running water faucet. I’ve gone through at least four boxes of tissues. I have a slight temp, and I haven’t slept but a few hours a night in five days – I’m tired, just too uncomfortable to sleep. Feels like a bad cold, but these are just symptoms of a much bigger problem. I’m running on empty, and I knew it even before my cold forced me to acknowledge it. I’ve not had much down time since mid-October.

I’ve been out of town or entertaining at home for 14 of the last 20 weekends, with a total of 46 actual days away and 18 days hosting. I’ve traveled about 16,370 miles (includes roundtrip flight from Portland to Boston). With time preparing for those trips and holiday prep, it’s been a busy four months. I wouldn’t trade any of the travel or time spent with family, but my current condition is keeping me from a reunion with my husband’s family, and I’m a bit weepy.

To take my mind off of my problems, I’m going for a new world record –  the largest number of home-improvement shows watched in one twenty-four hour period.  Thank God for the DVR, it speeds up the process and I can fast forward through commercials.

No worries, I’ll be on the mend soon, and probably back on the road too.

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  1. Biz

    Hang in there, mom! Feel better soon. Those are some incredible stats… we all appreciate all you’ve done and the many ways you’ve given in the past months. Xoxo!

  2. Jenn

    Aunty Susie…I missed you so much today! I am sorry you are so sick. I had a really good visit with Uncle Bill, Papap and Aunty Jeanne & Gordon….and my mom and dad. My david was absent because he had a funeral to go to with his dad. All the Knutson kids are sick with symptoms similar to yours. It was a quite house but a nice visit! I love you!!!

  3. Dixie

    I just e-mailed you a long note, then checked your blog. Oh My Gosh!!
    You really sound like you’ve got a bad bug. I expect you are correct when you say it’s all the busy times, new babies, traveling, helping out, and hostessing that wears a person out, leaving room for those nasty bugs to creep in. Take especially good care of yourself. I hope to hear that you’re better real soon.
    Thinking about you lots and sending arrow prayers up.
    Tons of love,

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