Verbena's pedicure kit.

Verbena's pedicure kit.

Our two-year-old granddaughter, Verbena, has already been exposed to the world of pedicures. Her mommy and daddy get haircuts at a salon that offers the service, and when Bean goes with them, the lovely Vietnamese ladies whisk her away, sit her on the edge of a chair, and decorate those baby toes. Bean sits patiently, watches intently, and stays in-place through the entire process, including the time it takes for her toes to dry – a miracle!

Because of Verbena’s fascination with pedicures, her mommy made her a pretend nail kit for her Easter basket. Mommy bought eye-catching colors of real nail polish, then she cleaned the brush applicators with polish remover and emptied the liquid polish out of the bottles. The bottles still look like they are filled, because the polish coats the inside of the bottle as it empties and dries.┬áMommy found a cute tote bag and filled it with the pretend polish, plus some fun accessories.

Verbena brought her new nail kit to church on Easter morning. About midway through the service, she pulled out one of her bottles, opened it, and started to “pretend” paint her fingernails. A woman sitting behind us freaked out and quickly tapped mommy on the shoulder to call attention to what was happening. Mommy assured the nice lady that all was well, and we had a good laugh.

I wondered if Bean would tire of the nail kit because her fingers and toes don’t change color when she uses it, but she hasn’t. She loves playing “grown-up” in all kinds of ways. I loved playing grown-up when I was a child too. My younger brother was the father of my baby dolls, my friends and I played “house,” and I had Barbie marathons with a favorite cousin (just like Bean’s mommy did with one of her friends). It was extremely fun to pretend – a perfect world where every baby was easily soothed, every cake rose, and every Barbie got a date with the handsomest guy, who also happened to be very good and kind.

I don’t know what effect “pretending” has on our development, but the fact that I can remember doing it, must make it important. Perhaps I was acting out inner hopes and wishes for my future? Considering that possibility, I’ll be watching my grandchildren’s play much more closely.

I wish every child many, many care-free days of pretending, because it just doesn’t work when you are an adult.

I think I need a pedicure :)

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  1. Sue E.

    How fun! What a wonderful treat for Verbena to have her own pedicure & nail kit, especially designed by her ingenious Mom!! Yes, I agree, play & pretend time are very important in child development. So blessesd are we that have had that opportunity & been able to give our children & grandchildren that opportunity.

  2. Cathy

    What a good story! You all sure know how to have fun!

  3. emilee

    Love this!

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