Not a Cloud in the Sky


Today, the eastern Washington sky is free of clouds, the temps will linger in the mid 80’s, and a hint of a breeze is keeping the air crisp and fresh. I went outside this morning to refinish outdoor furniture and this ideal environment took my breath away! We’ve had weeks of triple digits that wilted me and many plants – today’s weather is a lovely surprise.

So for the first time in over three months, when that hint of a breeze washed over my face, I thought to grab my camera and share this perfect day with you.

To write, one must think. To think, one must be quiet. To be quiet, one must make time for it. And, that might be the reason I’ve neglected posting events and thoughts lately. Our summer, Bill’s first as a full-time retiree, has been busy. It feels so good to be sitting in the corner of my couch working away on my little hobby again.

Now I have to get back to refinishing that furniture.  Maybe this post is really about procrastination???

Gifting you this beautiful day . . .

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  1. Sue E.

    Thank you for your picture & for your always inspiring thoughts!!!

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