Lord and Master


We have a demonstration garden in our community which is managed by Master Gardeners. It’s near a library and is connected to a lovely park. I’ve walked through that garden for years, imagining my gardener husband puttering there. This year my vision came true.

Bill started gardening classes in January. Weekly lessons, testing, and lots of volunteer time with Master Gardeners, taught Bill tons. Organic fruits and vegetables from our home garden are beautiful, as is the produce from Bill’s patch at the demonstration garden.

After a volunteer session in the county extension office this week (a rookie gardener and a Master Gardener answer phone-in or walk-in questions), Bill came home and calmly placed his Master Gardener certificate on the table, where I was eating lunch. I couldn’t believe it? The announcement seemed a bit anti-climatic after almost eight months of really hard work.

It’s been a great eight months for Bill. He’s contributed at least six times the 50 volunteer hours he was required to donate, all with a smile on his face. When I joked that he was finally a “Master,” he replied that I could refer to him as “Lord and Master.” Uh, that’s not happening, but it’s good seeing Bill spending time on his passion, after years of working so hard at something he liked less. Eating his fruits and vegetables is awfully nice too. Congratulations, Billy!


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  1. Sue E.

    Yes, congratulations Bill, “Master Gardener”! Nice article in the paper today also! Great job & thank you for giving so much to others!

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