Thanksgiving 2012

Luella, Verbena, and Dixon.

Luella (Lulu), Verbena, and Dixon.

Last Thanksgiving, our family was expecting two new babies. This Thanksgiving, we’re all grateful to be on the other side of that expectation. The eleven-month old little people added lots of fun to our gathering, and they also created a little cheerful chaos.

No, my chin is not on fire, but I hope this photo makes you laugh!

Dinnertime: Emily, Andy, Bill, Sue (on fire), Austin, Verbena, and Biz.

Dixon and Lulu politely napped during their first turkey dinner. We missed them and would have loved a whole-group photo, but it was awfully nice for their parents to eat a meal uninterrupted.

A drumstick for Bill from the 19-pound bird.

A drumstick for Bill from the 19-pound bird.

Austin and Biz brought a nineteen-pound Heritage turkey to the feast.  It was our first Heritage bird and we enjoyed it.  The taste was a bit gamey, but naturally very flavorful and we liked thinking of our turkey enjoying its own good life before contributing to our good life.  As Em and Andy always say, when you eat an animal that has been treated well, you absorb their good energy.

Another interesting photo. I wonder if Andy ever eats a warm meal?

Interesting photo. Does Andy ever eat a warm meal?

Son-in-law, Andy, is our family photographer and the capturer of most of our memories. Our times together pass quickly. After everyone leaves, Bill and I are able to revisit them through Andy’s photos. I feel like I’m seeing it all for the first time and yet reliving it again as well!

Verbena helping herself.

Verbena was the first to dig in.

Verbena turned three this past September. She is pretty independent and loves the feeling that she is a “big girl” compared to her brother and cousin. Andy captured Verbena’s independence and her taking charge of her own life in this photo.

Good times that we will always be thankful for.

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